Yuma’s Davy picks up first win of season

Yuma’s Davy picks up first win of season

By Randy Hoeft @YumaSunSports Yumasun.com

Jimmy Davy had a little extra help winning his race Saturday night at Cocopah Speedway.

And it wasn’t more horsepower, or a particular chassis setup, or strategy.

No, Davy is convinced it was the spiritual kind.

Prior to the start of the evening’s races, Round 3 in the Coocpah Speedway Racing Series, Davy graciously allowed his car to be used to drive a black flag lap in honor of a long-time racer who passed away recently, Yuma’s Allen Raney.

And when it came time for Davy to compete in the IMCA Stock Car Division feature event, he started fifth on the grid, made a daring pass on the outside to take the lead, and stayed on the high side, holding off all challengers on yellow flag restarts to take his first win since 2014.

Afterward in Budweiser Victory Lane, a grinning Davy said, “What made it really cool was we got to do that lap for Allen. And it was awesome; it was like, it felt like I had this vibe around me; it really was.”

Whether it was a special vibe or a good choice to run the high line, the bottom line is Davy was practically untouchable once he got out front, driving consistent, text-book laps, one after another while the remainder of the field, also running the high line, battled for second place behind him.

“The funny thing is that with this class, nobody runs the top,” said Davy. A coincidence, or a spiritual intervention?

“I think all racers are a bit superstitious, and I think that and along with a lot of other things all came together to have such a great night,” said Davy.

At one point during the remainder of the field’s race to catch Davy, the division’s point leader, Yuma’s Manny Baldiviez, also running the high line, got into Turn 1 too hard, touched the wall and rolled over, bringing the race to a halt.

Baldiviez was not injured in the mishap.

That incident and other yellow flags drug the race out and played on Davy’s nerves, but like he said he had a special “vibe” around him.

“I was getting so nervous there at the end, just leading for the first time in a long time,” he said. “I was thinking, ‘Man let’s get this thing over already.’”

And he remained focused, held off one last challenge by Brawley’s Steven Daffern and took the win.

“We got it done. I’m excited,” he said.

“It’s just awesome for it all to come together on Allen’s night, along with all the hard work that my dad, Jeremy Caldwell and Joe Haines have put in, really makes it special.

“It was a magic night.”

Indeed. Among the four racing divisions, three of them saw first-time winners in the 2015 Cocopah Speedway series.

In the IMCA Modified Division, Imperial’s Lance Mari took the win; in the IMCA Hobby Stock Division Yuma’s Jason Beshears was the winner; and Davy was the Stock Car winner.

In the IMCA Sport Mod Division, Holtville’s Chris Toth was involved in a crash on the opening lap of the 20-lap, 15-car race. The end result was the track’s crash crew had to cut the bumper of Imperial’s Larry Wyatt to separate Wyatt’s and Toth’s cars.

When the race resumed, Toth, who had ducked into the pit to have his car checked, rejoined the field on the first green flag lap, but was a straightaway behind and in 15th place.

By the 20th lap, however, with the white flag flying, he had made his way back to second place. Toth then passed the race leader, Yuma’s Kyle Smith, between Turns 3 and 4 when Smith spun, to take his second win of the season

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