Happy Birthday Cocopah Speedway!

Happy Birthday Cocopah Speedway!

Although it’s only been Cocopah Speedway for a few years, 47 years ago today Frank Golden & wife Flo opened the gates to what was then Yuma Speedway.

“To me, Yuma is the ideal place in the world for a race track,” said Frank Golden.

The original Yuma Speedway, a bull-ring of a quarter-mile oval, opened its doors for the first time on March 24, 1968. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and a crowd estimated at 2,500 turned out to watch Yuma’s Orvis Fugate start dead last in a 16-car, 20-lap feature race and win it all. Second place that day went to Brawley’s Bill Pistole and third place to another Yuma driver, Phil Moravec. Jimmy Love won the trophy dash and got a kiss from the trophy queen, Charlotte Peach.


Thank you to Randy Hoeft for preserving and sharing the history of the speedway.


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