Cocoaph Speedway Implements GWC Rule …

Cocoaph Speedway Implements GWC Rule …

September 15, 2012 Cocopah Speedway implemented two rule changes and announced them at that evenings drivers meeting. Both of these changes were researched extensively. Both of them are very popular with IMCA tracks including Boone Iowa which recently held the IMCA Supernationals and featured over 880 cars participating. IMCA is the largest dirt track sanctioning body in theUnited States. Majority of IMCA sanctioned tracks use these rules.

You will find the details below. We will also hand them out in print at the next event to each driver and they will be available to fans in our souvenir programs and on our website.

We will continue to align Cocopah Speedway with the best and most respected facilities and organizations in the business. We have great racers, the best owners in the country and a facility like no other.

Thank your for your time and continued support of Cocopah Speedway!

Starts and re-starts:

The initial start of the race will be at the cone that is placed in turn four. Once the lead cars reach the cone, the track will go green, all cars are permitted to pass.

Restarts: The cars will line up double file. When the traffic lights go out, the lead car will decide whether he wants the inside or outside position. Second place will fill the empty spot and third place on back will remain in their original order. The leader starts the race anywhere between the apex of turn three and four and the start/finish line. Once the leader takes off, the track will go green, all cars are permitted to pass.

Green/White/Checker finishes:

If the white flag is given and the need for a yellow flag presents itself, as long as the leader has not been given and sees the checker flag, the yellow will come out. The cars will be lined up double file and they will be given one opportunity at a green, white, checker finish. If another caution is necessary after the second white flag, the race will end with a checker flag, followed by the yellow flag.

Greg Burgess

Director of Operations

Cocopah Speedway

Personal Cell# 360-490-2084

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