Brooks Shaw Driving School at Cocopah! New Date!

Brooks Shaw Driving School at Cocopah! New Date!

Brooks Shaw Driving School coming to Cocopah Speedway!

Drivers and crews in the Southwest now have the chance to attend one of the premier driving schools in the nation.

The Brooks Shaw Driving School provides racers and crews with the knowledge necessary to compete at a top-notch level. Whether you’re competing in Open Wheel Modified, Street Stocks, Late Models, or any other racing division, this program has something to offer.

Program founders, Kevin Shaw and Wayne Brooks, of Larry Shaw Race Cars are sharing their knowledge behind the wheel in a two-day course on October 27 & 28. Kevin Shaw headlines the classroom sessions and racing legend Wayne Brooks spearheads the racetrack sessions.

The Classroom Session teaches drivers how to properly setup their car to match the track conditions. Session includes a PowerPoint presentation with handouts and visual props. Video footage and illustrations are included in the curriculum.

The Track Session incorporates visuals and hands-on exercises at the Cocopah Speedway giving students the ability to learn exactly how to improve performance and get around a track as fast as possible. Drivers will be instructed on their own cars.  This session includes how to read a racetrack, how to predict which direction a track will go during the course of a race and tire management.

Enroll in the Brooks Shaw Driving School by calling Kevin Shaw at (870) 251-2966. Attendees receive a t-shirt, Certificate of Completion, a 110-page Technical Manual and lunch is included. Class space is limited to 12-15 drivers and 30-crew members max.

The October 27th classroom day will be held at the Cocopah Resort & Conference Center  Don’t forget to ask for the Speedway rate while booking your rooms by calling (928) 722-6677.  October 28th  class takes place across the street from the Cocopah Resort & Conference Center at the Cocopah Speedway.

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